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Water Heater Maintenance

With any kind of water heating unit, it’s important that you plan professional routine maintenance to make sure high efficiency and proper function. Plumbing experts advice that you work with a specialized plumber with a comprehensive understanding and experience of various systems to handle your water heater. We repair/service all models and makes, including tankless units, heat pump water heaters and solar water heating units. Call the professional plumbers at (company name) for all your (local city name) water heater maintenance and repair needs!

Special routine maintenance concerns for tank water heaters:

Regardless of the kind of water heater in your property, you'll need to plan regular maintenance if you want it to work efficiently for many years. This also helpful in reducing repair needs, particularly for tank water heaters. Keep in mind if the tank is not drained on a frequent basis, the sediment accumulation can decrease efficiency and most likely trigger a leak. This type of scheduled maintenance should be conducted by an expert plumber to make sure there are no other invisible problems like corrosion.

If you've recently purchased or are thinking about purchasing a house which has a tank water heater it’s important to checkout for maintenance and repair history. Mortgage providers demand full disclosure regarding any problems with the plumbing system and water heater before closing on a property.

Special Tankless water heater considerations

Tankless water heater servicing also includes purging the unit from time to time to drive out any lime scale. The plumber will perform this during a scheduled check–up. Other tasks include inspecting the water drainage filter and making sure that all the controls are functioning properly. Since tankless water heaters function with a central computer and sensitive sensors only a licensed plumber qualified to work with this kind of gear should perform scheduled maintenance for tankless units. Depending on your home size, you will probably want to think of replacing it with a tankless unit if there’s a lengthy history of issues with your tank water heater.

Why not call Go Water Heaters today for a thorough water heater maintenance. We are experts in all types of models and makes such as storage tanks, solar, heat pump, and tank less water heater systems. We provide quick and reliable maintenance, and our experts are qualified to diligently check your whole water heating unit for any other problems. Call any us any time to connect with our expects right away.